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    Students are encouraged to arrive to school on-time and attend all classes as scheduled to ensure the best opportunity for academic success. 

     Documented tardy:  Students who arrive to school escorted by a parent or with an official note (doctor’s note, court papers, etc.) during 1st block only will immediately report to the attendance office.  The note must contain the reason for tardy, date, student's name/ID number, parent's signature, and a valid phone number for contact.  Those students will receive a tardy slip from the Attendance Secretary and report immediately to class.  Random notes will be audited for authenticity.

    Teachers will keep a record of tardies on a log and in PowerSchool with the following consequences.

    1st tardy - Classroom Teacher will address your tardiness to class

    2nd tardy - Classroom teacher will make a referral to the School Social Worker. Student’s parent/guardian will be contacted.  Conference will be held with student.

    3rd tardy - Student will receive In School Suspension for 1 block. Parent/Guardian will be notified and a conference will be scheduled with parent and student. 

    Student will complete work for the class and not return to class until the assignments are completed.

     Students with parking permits will be monitored for arrival time.  Parking permits will be revoked with the accumulation of five (5) tardy to school violations within a quarter.  This requires students to turn-in their parking permit for a period of 10 school days. The second violation will result in a permanent revocation of the parking permit.

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