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    Welcome to the Service-Learning page. Please access the Service-Learning Handbook and other tabs to learn more about Service-Learning and other important information. Service-Learning concerns and questions should currently be communicated with Student Services found here. 

Service-Learning Prorate for class of 2022 and 2023

  • The following prorate is for students in the Class of 2022, and Class of 2023. Class of 2024 and upward will follow the original hour requirement (diploma- 250 hours; award- 100 hours.) 

    Proration: The following proration will be followed.

    Service-Learning Diploma  

    Students who have 186 hours submitted will obtain the Service-Learning Diploma.  

    • Students typically have 185 weeks (Freshman year to Service-Learning Senior deadline including summers) to earn the 250 hours towards the Service-Learning Diploma which equals an average of 1.35 hours per week.  250/185 = 1.35 
    • Students in high school during the mandatory COVID-19 at-home learning time have had a reduced opportunity to obtain service-learning hours. Based on this, we are prorating the requirement by 64 hours equaling 186 hours. Students did not have the opportunity for in-school experiences for 47 weeks. 185-47=138  138 x 1.35 = 186 

    Service-Learning Award  

    Students in High School during COVID-19 who have submitted 75 hours will obtain the Service-Learning Award.  

    • Based on the above logic, the service-learning award would be reduced from 100 hours to 75 hours. 100/185 = .54   138 x .54 = 75   

Service-Learning Opportunities

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