• Welcome to my webpage! My name is Tamara Jackson and I am a kindergarten teacher here at Pilot Elementary School.

    I started my career as a prekindergarten teacher and then one day decided to try something different and teach kindergarten.

    I have been teaching for over 20 years!

    I am a mother and a graduate of NC A&T State University!

    I started my teaching career at Foust Elementary in Prekindergarten, taught summer school at Washington Elementary, prekindergarten at Sedalia Elementary and Monticello Brown Summit Elementary and prekindergarten/kindergarten at Jamestown Elementary School.

    I then decided to transfer to my present school which is Pilot Elementary. I have had many exciting years of teaching prekindergarten and now kindergarten. 

    I am a teacher leader and always looking for more opportunities to grow in education. 

    I believe parents and teachers should work together for the success of the student.