• GCS Data Dashboards are intended as a way for the district to be more transparent with its data.

    Dashboards are graphic representations of data sets that allow users to interact with the visualizations. You can change what you see by using filters to focus on areas of interest. Use our Dashboard Guide to see some of the features present in our dashboards.

      A few key points about our dashboards:

    • Dashboards are not intended to replace student-level data parents see through Powerschool's Parent Portal. Only aggregated student information is presented. We remove all personally identifying information.

    • Sometimes when you filter, some data may seem to disappear. North Carolina Department of Instruction guidelines require us to mask student information when there are fewer than 10 students in a group. Therefore, the screen may show <10 or some data points may be hidden.  Also, with state test results, if the percent proficient is less than 5% or greater than 95%, we will mask that data and represent it as either <5% or >95%.


Dashboard Areas

  • Dashboards are grouped into broad categories. Links to each section are found in the descriptions below and on the side of the webpage. On each page, you will find dashboard descriptions and links to the dashboards within that category.

    We continue to build and release new dashboards, so please visit often. 

    The dashboards open in a new tab/window and take you outside the GCS website. You may close that tab/window or click the GCS logo in the dashboard to return to the dashboard page.

  • Standardized Test Result Dashboards. Display data from state accountability assessments, like End of Grade (EOG) exams and End of Course (EOC) exams. Results from other standardized tests, like ACT, Advanced Placement (AP), etc., are also shown.

    • EOGs are given in Reading and Math in grades 3-8, and in Science in grades 5 and 8.
    • EOCs are given in in Biology, NC Math 1, and English II.
    • ACT tests are given each spring to all 11th grade students. 
    • AP tests are given each spring to high school students who sign up for the exams.
  • There are no upcoming events to display.