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    Wow oh wow!  I always dreamed of being donned in purple, and lucky for me, the stars finally aligned in 2019 when I ecstatically flew to the Nighthawk Nest. My early counseling days (9 years worth) were spent at the elementary level and were followed by a nine-year run as the Executive Director of the Free Clinic of Rockingham County, Inc.  From education to healthcare--a total career shift for sure--but an equally rewarding venture in service to the community. In 2012, I entered the high school counseling arena, first at Rockingham County High School and most recently at Ragsdale High School.

    A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (B.A. in Political Science) and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (M.Ed. in Counseling & Development), I am honored to serve you during this very important life chapter. High school brings an array of unique experiences—from first-day freshman butterflies, new freedoms, AP exams, boyfriends and girlfriends, club memberships, learner’s permits, and spirit days to college tours, championship points, apprenticeships, service learning, first job, SAT/ACT, financial aid, college/scholarship application season, and the long-awaited Coliseum stage (to name a few). With these experiences come growth, promise, frustration, disappointment, and hope. Lucky for me, I will be traveling shoulder to shoulder with my Nighthawks (last names L-Ri) as they pen each day of their high school story. What a ride it will be! 

    Your high school “moments” are packed with possibility; they are electric with your potential. And that might be completely exciting and exhilarating to you; or it might be totally terrifying. I have found most of the best things in my life have been exciting, and exhilarating and terrifying, all at the same time.

    I am here today and every day to cheer you across the high school finish line, and to cheer you on, because this is also your starting line. Your brilliant future awaits.


  • ~If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.  Roald Dahl