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Mrs. Cecelia Quick-Pettis

Social work services are designed to promote the maximum development of all students by the prevention and /or alleviation of problems that interfere with a child’s learning. The primary goal of the social worker is to be an effective liaison between the home, school and community to ensure that the best possible conditions for learning occur. Extensive involvement with parents to encourage a more active and responsible role in the education of their children is a major emphasis. Problems that may interfere with learning might include:


Family dysfunction                                         Inappropriate behavior

Homelessness                                                Absenteeism

Substance abuse                                            Economic deprivation

Family violence                                              Lack of understanding of school policies

Child abuse/neglect                                         and programs


When problems are identified, every effort will be made by the school worker to assist students, parents and guardians in obtaining the necessary services to resolve the problems. These services might include:


  • Directly interacting with students and families to meet their needs
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Advocacy services
  • Making referrals to community agencies
  • Participation in school-based and community teams
  • Program planning and resource identification
  • Working with students individually or in small groups
  • Providing Crisis intervention
  • Enhancing the parental involvement effort of the school
  • Providing case management services for identified students
  • Providing support for academic programs
  • Facilitating improved attendance
  • Working with the students and their families in the home
  • Providing parent education workshops
  • Increasing Volunteer programs in the school