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  • Apparel I 

    In this course, students are introduced to the Apparel and Textile industry in the areas of design, textiles and apparel engineering. Emphasis is placed on students applying these design and engineering skills to create and produce apparel products. Art, literacy, mathematics, and science are reinforced.


    Apparel II Students in this course will gain a deeper understanding of design principles, engineering, fabrication and global needs of an ever-changing apparel and textile industry. The course provides a major focus on textile design, textile science, product construction, global manufacturing and the apparel/textile market while incorporating and scaffolding prerequisite concepts. Emphasis is placed on application of design and engineering skills used to create, produce, and prepare a product for market. Students will also gain the entrepreneurial skills necessary for successful marketing and distribution of an apparel product.


    Fashion Merchandising 

    This course is designed to simulate a comprehensive experience of the business of fashion. The experience should bring alive the economics, distribution, promotion, and retail of fashion. The topics of study include the fundamentals of fashion, fashion merchandising, forecasting of fashion, and essential strategies for promoting and selling fashion. Upon completion of the course, students should be ready for the retail of fashion at the entry-level of work or post-secondary education.


    (No pre-requisite for Apparel I; students are enrolled 10th grade and up)

    Suggested Pathway: Marketing, Fashion Merchandising*, Apparel Production I and Apparel Production II)

    *May take at any time before or after Apparel I & II


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