GCS has released a master plan designed to address the overwhelming need to improve our district’s facilities. The plan was presented on Nov. 26 to the joint facilities committee, which includes Board of Education members and Board of County Commissioners members.


    Under the proposal, every school in the district would see upgrades for technology and safety. Many schools would undergo extensive renovations, and some would be completely rebuilt or would close to make way for brand-new schools. Mobile classrooms, which were never meant to be permanent structures, would be removed from all school campuses.


    This plan is a potential game changer for students, staff, families and our community. Buildings would meet today’s need for technology infrastructure and safety features. New buildings would be more energy efficient, saving thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. Schools would be designed to accommodate new magnet and technical programs to better prepare students for future careers.


    Click here to read the plan. We are just beginning the long process of making it a reality. On Dec. 19, the committee will discuss a timeline and prioritized list of projects, as well as possible funding sources. The district plans to hold Information sessions and launch an online survey to seek feedback after winter break from parents, employees and the public.