Logging In

  • Canvas is a learning management system (LMS). An LMS allows teachers to deliver content in a blended format, or on the computer. Teachers can give assignments, quizzes, post discussion etc. Canvas is particularly useful if a student is out for an extended period of time. All students have access to Canvas. There are a variety of resources on this page to help parents and students with Canvas.

    How do I login?

    1. Go to NCEdCloud (https://my.ncedcloud.org)

    2. Type in your username/password

    a. Example: Username – PowerSchool Number (0000000) Password: 388Student (make sure the S is capital)

    b. Students who experience password issues should email their teacher to reset their password. Teacher email addresses can be found on the school website under the Staff link.

    3. Once you get in, click the red Canvas icon.

    Clever Sign On

    Clever will allow students to sign on once using their Clever badge, a small QR code. Once logged into Clever students can access Canvas as well as a variety of other resources

    Ask your child's teacher for a Clever Badge

    Canvas Parent Guide

Pairing Parent App to Student

Instruction for pairing a student in Canvas

Canvas Demo

Submit an assignment on Canvas