• Are you having trouble logging in? 

    Trouble logging in guide (this link opens a pdf in a new window)

    Here are some helpful tips:

    - Use Google Chrome as your browser. Many of the platforms that we are using work best in Google Chrome. If you are using a GCS, install the Google Chrome app from Self Service. 

    - Try closing all tabs and apps.

    - Try restarting your device by powering it down, waiting 30-60 seconds, and then powering back on.

    - Check your username and password. Different platforms require different usernames and passwords in different formats. Not sure which to use? Click here for student log in portal. 

    - If you are having trouble getting logged in to Microsoft Teams or opening an Office document such as Powerpoint or Word, be sure you are logged in to your GCS Office 365 account. Follow the directions in the Trouble logging in guide. 

    - If you have reached out to your teacher and have not been able to solve your issue, please contact Mrs. Dalton, our media specialist, at daltonc@gcsnc.com