• It's Time to Rock Your Socks on Monday, March 21st!

    World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, 2022, Rock Your Socks!

    Every year on March 21st, people around the world join together for a special group of people. On this day, people celebrate and work hard for people who have Down Syndrome. You may have seen someone or even have a friend who has Down Syndrome! 

    Down Syndrome is something that some people are born with. Somebody with Down Syndrome might look different than someone without Down Syndrome. They might also have to work harder to walk, talk, and learn new things. They can still do those things; they just have to work extra hard!  But people with Down Syndrome and people without Down Syndrome can have a lot of things in common! Many kids with Down Syndrome like to dance, sing, play games, read, and more!

    World Down Syndrome Day is important. It reminds everyone that people with Down Syndrome should be able to go to school, have friends, and live long, happy lives just like everybody else and with everybody else! One of the symbols of support for Down Syndrome is fun socks! Many people will sell, buy, or wear decorated socks to raise money for or show their support for those with Down Syndrome. People say, “Rock Your Socks!” 


    World Changers, let’s show our support by rocking bright, bold, and mix-n-match socks on Monday, March 21st!