• Arrival and Dismissal Directions for ORE Car Riders

    ORE Colts, this information is regarding our morning arrival and afternoon dismissal plan.  Below this message are detailed maps of our car rider procedure.  We ask that you review the documents thoroughly.  Our car rider line procedures have changed drastically, and we will need the support and knowledge of our parents to ensure it operates smoothly. 

    The biggest change to our car rider line this year is the elimination of the back line.  We will now funnel all cars down the line in front of the school.  Parents will continue to enter our car rider line from Tarleton Dr. off Oak Ridge Road (HWY 150).  Cars will follow Tarleton Drive around the loop forcing a right hand turn on Rosedale Dr.  Cars will then turn left on Autumn Gate Drive and eventually enter the school campus by turning right.  Cars will pull forward in the two left lanes, organizing as many cars as possible onto our campus.  The right lane has been identified as our Fire Lane and only will Pre-K and emergency vehicles be able to use this lane. Eventually, cars will take turns funneling from two lanes to one lane.  We ask that you take turns, allowing one car to enter the drop offline one lane at a time. 

    We will have teachers prepared to open the door and greet your child.  We ask that you have them completely ready to exit your car.  This will require students to have back packs on, coats on, lunchboxes in hand, and seatbelts off, along with hugs given in advance.  We need your child to exit as quickly as possible to move our line efficiently.  Cars will move forward and exit our campus by turning right or left on Linville Road. 

    At dismissal, cars will be required to follow the same guidelines to enter our school campus.  Once on campus, cars will organize in the same two lines, keeping the fire lane open.  All car rider tags need to be visible in the front windshield.  A teacher on duty will begin inputting numbers into a database for students to view in their classrooms.  It is imperative that cars organize themselves as directed by the teacher on duty.  She will direct each line to funnel into one pick up line.  Order is imperative!  We will be inputting numbers before the dismissal bell rings.  Numbers in front windshields will be matched to numbers on back packs.  If students miss seeing their number and are not out at your pickup cone, teachers will advise parents to pull forward to the recall cone for your child to be picked up. 

    Parents will be required to stay in their car at all times during the drop off and pickup process. 

    For both morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, cars will not be allowed to pass a parked car unloading or loading students. Please respect our process and stay in the line until you exit our campus. 

    If you do not have a number, you will be directed to stay in line until you exit our campus.  You will then need to park on Caison Drive and walk into the school to pick up your student and/or a car rider tag.  We will not dismiss students to the car rider line without a car displaying an official Oak Ridge car rider tag for safety and security reasons.  It is imperative that every student have a car rider tag.  There will be a fee for any tags that are lost, and replacement required.   

    If you did not pick up your car rider tag at open house, you will need to stop by the front office to pick it up as soon as possible.  No car rider tags will be handed out in the car rider line.  This process will need to be completed in the front office. 

    Thank you for the support and patience in perfecting a car rider line that is typically 400 cars strong.  Please understand that Oak Ridge is committed to ensuring that the line moves efficiently and safely.  Your partnership will ensure that everyday will improve our process. 

    car rider line map

















    car rider line map