• Welcome parents/guardians & incoming mathematicians!

    I am thrilled to be working with you. Some of my goals for the academic year 2023-2024 are as follows:

    - further collaboration with families

    - strengthen student engagement and self-confidence

    - incorporate relevancy and student culture into curriculum.

    In order to achieve these goals, I need you, the parents/guardians to be easily accesible so that we may stay in contact. I need you, my students, to show up to class consistently, ready to share what you think. Each of you have valuable insights to contribute.

    I am excited to get to know you and cannot wait to watch you grow throughout the year. I encourage all parents, guardians, and students to contact me if there are any questions or concerns. 

    Google Voice Number: 336-663-3108 - Email: betheak@gcsnc.com