Exceptional Children

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  • Welcome to Exceptional Children Services

    The Guilford County Schools' Exceptional Children Services will work as a collaborative team to serve and advocate for students with disabilities through the provision of personalized instruction in the least restrictive environment in order for students to develop cognitively, socially, vocationally and emotionally. 

     Exceptional Children Services, also called special education is defined as:

    • Specially designed instruction designed to meet the unique needs of a student with a disability
    • Access to the general curriculum and intervention programs designed to provide maximum opportunities for instruction in the general education setting
    • Full continuum of service
    • Curriculum driven instruction using the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the North Carolina Extended Content Standards
    • Related services that include but are not limited to speech, occupational and physical therapy

Contact Us

  • 134 Franklin Boulevard
    Greensboro, NC 27401

    Phone: (336) 370-2323
    Fax: (336) 370-2326

    Dr. Ronda Sortino
    Assistant Superintendent
    Exceptional Children Services

    Dr. Jeff Theus
    Director EC Secondary School Support

    • Tara Santiago
      EC Secondary Support Supervisor

    Fonda Curtis
    Director EC Elementary School Support

    • Stephanie Ruffin
      EC Elementary Support Supervisor




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