• Interested in being a Peer Helper?  Carefully read the descriptions for each helper position below and decide which could use your skills the most.  Please keep in mind, 8th graders cannot be media center assistants because Mr. Williamson is already teaching STEM classes at this time.

    Once you have read the descriptions, you must take this survey to be considered for a position: Peer Helper Survey

    Description of Peer Helper in the Special Education *(with Ms. Hendershot) classroom:

    • A special education peer assistant (PA) will be partnered 1:1 or in a small group with special education students.
    • The PA will model appropriate behaviors at all times.
    • The PA will help students with hands-on learning activities, including but not limited to: cooking, science experiments, gardening, and animal care (butterflies and chickens or ducks).
    • The PA will help students with reading, math, and social studies assignments.
    • The PA will help students with life skills, including but not limited to: wiping down tables, washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc.
    • The PA will learn skills that will benefit them if they wish to have a future career in education. Skills may include: leading a whole group activity, conducting a read-aloud, classroom management, etc.
    • The PA will learn about the history of special education, disability categories, and research-based, modern approaches to being a virtuous member of a diverse society.
    • The PA will learn how to respectfully engage with people of many differing abilities and disabilities.
    • The PA may be asked to attend field trips with the adapted class (ex: special Olympics).
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