• All students who are looking to try out for a sport here at Northern Guilford MUST meet the following requirements...

    1. Must have a 2.0 GPA or higher
    2. Must have passed 70% of their class load from the pervious semester.
    3. Must be a full-time student 
    4. Must have no more than 12 absences in the previous semester.
    5. Must be enrolled at NGHS and live in the NGHS school district


    To participate on a team, athletes must follow the below rules

    1.STUDENT-athlete must attend at least half a day of school to practice/play each day. Ex. Student cannot arrive after the start of 4th period to participate. 

    2. Students must maintain passing grades throughout the season.

    3. Students cannot miss more than 2 practices.

    4. Missed practice time will result in loss of game time.

    5. ISS= no practice/game on the day student serves

    6. OSS= immediate removal of team

    7. Students are expected to be on time for school and all classes.

    8. Students are expected to check in with each teacher on days when they must leave school early for athletic events.