• Service-Learning is a way of teaching and learning that connects positive and meaningful action in the community with academic learning, 21st century skills, personal growth and civic responsibility.

     “GCS is changing and growing to meet the changing and diverse needs of our students.  We hope you’ll join us because our children are worthy of your honor, your respect and your support. It’s important to have character, but it’s also equally important to show it at those critical times…So, yes, service is important, but it’s the combination of linking service to learning. Why are you doing those things becomes critically important.

     Understanding what’s happening in the classroom and then translating that so we can improve our community and our schools. So, it will be the combination of those three things – character traits, civic education and service-learning…We all can play a part in character development by modeling these seven character traits in all that we do at work, at home and in our communities.”