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  •  Pre - K Monthly Focus Family Activity
    This month's preschool theme is holiday traditions.
    Here is a fun matching activity that you can do with your preschooler! Print the colored pictures and cut them out.
    There are several variations you can do with the cards including:
    -Play a matching game and have your child match each picture with the corresponding picture.
    -Turn all the cards over and play a concentration game.
    -Work on verbal language by naming each picture.
    -Have a scavenger hunt and look for the pictures around your house.
    -Create patterns with the cards.
    -Carry the cards to your local store and find the objects on the cards.
    Have fun and Happy Holidays!  


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  • School Age Monthly Focus
    Family Activity
    This month we are talking about the gift of giving. Listen to
    this story about what giving is and different things you can
    give others. After listening to this story pick someone in
    your family to give something to! Make a card, a cookie,
    bracelet, picture, etc. Give this special gift to them and
    watch their face brighten with a smile!


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