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    Infant/Toddler Program:

    The four Infant/Toddler classrooms that are housed at Gateway are funded by the United Way and the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association.  These classes serve children with special needs ages birth to three years, who are experiencing a wide variety of developmental delays and medical issues.  Referrals may be received from parents, physicians, hospitals, and a realm of community service providers.  An intake process and screening are completed to determine appropriateness of service.  Services offered through the Infant/Toddler Program are educational, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and counseling.

      Population Served:

    The Infant/Toddler Program serves children who:

    *Birth to three years of age

    *Resident of Greensboro or Guilford County

    *Meets one or more eligibility criteria

    *Requires classroom service and two of three therapy services offered

    *Parent/Guardian are able to provide transportation to and from program

    *Cannot be adequately served by other local programs alone

    *Admission approved by our Executive Director

     Eligibility Criteria for the Infant/Toddler Program:

    There are four eligibility categories as defined by the sate of North Carolina for children birth to three years of age:

    Developmental Delay-delayed in one or more of the following: cognitive development; physical development, including gross and fine motor function, vision and hearing; communication development; social development, and adaptive development.

    Atypical Development-demonstration of significantly atypical behavior, socio-emotional, motor or sensory development such as: diagnosed hyperactivity, ADD, Autism Spectrum disorders.

    High Risk Established-Children with diagnosed or documented physical or mental conditions known to result in developmental delay or atypical development as child matures.  Conditions include: chromosomal anomaly or genetic disorder; metabolic disease; congenital malformation; toxic exposure; vision disorder; hearing disorder.

    High Risk Potential-Children with documented presence of indicators with patterns of development and high probability of meeting the criteria for development delay or atypical development as the child matures due to the following: Parent or family indicators, neonatal conditions, post-neonatal conditions, diagnosed conditions.

     Cost to Families:

    There is no direct cost to the families served.  Therapy services may be billed to private insurance or Medicaid with no co-pay or fees being supplied by the family.

    For more information about enrollment, please contact Taylor Swink at (336) 375-2575 or at swinke@gcsnc.com