• Physical Therapy

         Physical therapy is a related service for exceptional children in Guilford County Schools. Upon referral and consent for evaluation, the need for physical therapy services is determined by the physical therapist and IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) team. Physical Therapy may be deemed necessary for the student to benefit from their special education in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment.

          As school-based Physical Therapists, our role includes assessments and interventions/strategies/consultation that will facilitate improved quality of life and participation in the school setting. Interventions may be goal-directed or a plan for supplemental aid and services for developing and improving functional mobility, controlling postural deviations and positioning, assisting with equipment/assistive technology, education for staff and family.

         School-based physical therapy (SBPT) differs from the clinical/medical model (i.e.., early intervention, outpatient, home health) services which generally address medical conditions and impairments in the short-term. School-based Physical therapists in collaboration with the teaching staff and other related services, support and develop goals and objectives that are integrated into the classroom routines so that children learn skills they need and have increased opportunities for practicing those skills to focus on the student’s level of independence, engagement and social interactions.