Welcome to Ms. San Martin ELD READING class

  • Welcome to ELD Reading! My name is Marisol San Martin Lagos. I am the English Language teacher at Mendenhall, Middle School. I teach ELD Reading, English Language Development in Reading as well as Listening, writing and speaking skills.

    I was born and raised in Chile, I speak English and Spanish.  I graduated from the University of Concepcion in Chile and got my degree as Teacher of English K-12. In Chile, I taught English at Colegio Concepcion Pedro De Valdivia and at the Instituto Chileno- Norteamericano de Cultura to students of all ages. I joined Mendenhall staff in 2009. Since then, I have been teaching English learners from different countries and languages: I have a diversed group students currently from: Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Nepal, Honduras,Thailand, Kosovo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Congo, Uwanda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Malaysia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, Brasil, Lebano, French, Turkey and Albania.

    My Goal is to help my students to get English language proficient in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking and provide the necessary support to learn the academic language required to succeed at school.

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