•  Mendenhall Middle School Sign



    Mendenhall Middle School was named in honor of the Mendenhall family of Guilford County.  Members of this large civic-minded family served in the North Carolina General Assembly and helped establish the municipalities of Jamestown and High Point.  One family member was a U.S. Congressman for ten years. The Mendenhalls have long been supporters of the Quaker way of life.  As leaders in the field of education, many from the family have served on various local school boards throughout the years. The school opened as Mendenhall Junior High in 1967. The faculty of Aycock Junior High and its principal, Charles E. Herbert, came to staff the new school.  They moved into an unfinished building.  The curbing and parking lot had barely been completed. Physical education students were bused to Lewis Recreation Center because "B" building, which houses the gym and cafeteria, were not finished.  Students ate lunch in their homerooms until the construction could be completed.  Willoughby Boulevard only existed from Marston Road to Saint Regis Road.  Except for a few houses on Saint Regis, the surrounding area was wooded.  Mendenhall remained a junior high serving grades 7-9 until 1986 when the Greensboro system moved to a middle school concept.


    In its over 30 years of existence, Mendenhall has had eight principals: Charles Herbert, Charles C. Wallace, Charles Benton, Terry Worrell, Loretta Rowland, Nola Taylor, Julie Olson, Marshall Matson, Kris Vecchione and currently George Green, Principal.  The student population over the years has been diverse, representing a cross-section of the city and county.  Since 1986, the school has served grades 6-8.