• PLEASE VISIT http://russillo.weebly.com/ FOR ALL ASTRONOMY AND/OR CHESS CLUB INFORMATION, heavy-duty myth busting, and general science awesomeness. (I have not one but two eclipse web pages, to give you an idea the breadth & depth of my nerd-dork-geekitude.)

    CONTACTrussils@gcsnc.com  .... if you MUST call, there's always   (336) 605-3300, x200427  of course, but be apprised, I'm way better via email than voicemail!

    TUTORING: 8:15 AM the morning before any/every quiz, quarter test or final exam, or other times/days by appointment.

    SCHEDULE: 1st period plan; Astronomy 2nd thru 6th; 4th lunch.

    SYLLABUS/EXPECTATIONS: (click here to DL my MS Word doc)

Mr Russillo