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  • Welcome to Second Grade!

    Our main goal in second grade is to encourage children to become responsible, caring citizens who are lifelong learners. All students are challenged to reach their potential through shared learning, guided practice, independence building and cooperative learning activities.

    As teachers in a constantly changing environment, we plan our second grade year, based on the North Carolina State Standards.

    This year, we are continuing to implement a balanced literacy program (CKLA) that requires a block of time dedicated to teaching guided reading on each student's instructional level. We accomplish this by grouping the students based on their reading level and providing direct instruction to groups of students during our sixty minute block of guided reading. Other components of balanced literacy include whole group reading, speaking and listening, word study and writing.

    In Eureka math, we strive to teach the goals for second grade through hands-on problem solving with the use of many manipulatives and activities to help make the problem solving as concrete as possible.

    The science and social studies goals for second grade are met through deliberate care to weave meaningful units of study throughout the weeks, months and the school year to tie what we are learning in school to the students' lives outside of school.

    Our door is always open to visitors and volunteers who are willing to help us to become the best that we can be. Please come in to lend a hand and share in our discovery of life through the eyes of a second grader. We will be glad to celebrate our successes and share our continuous evolution through this journey ahead of us.