Location & Demographics

  • Principal: LaTrice Stokes

    Assistant Principal: Vicky Fowler

    Instructional Hours: 7:25 am - 2:10 pm

    Office Hours: 7:15 am - 4:00 pm

    Brightwood Elementary School is located at 2001 Brightwood School Road in Greensboro, NC. Although Brightwood Elementary School has been in our community for decades, our current facility was built in 2003. (The "old" Brightwood facility now houses the Guilford County Schools Office at the corner of Lees Chapel Road and Brightwood School Road.) Brightwood is home to about 600 students in grades PreK through 5, as well as many dedicated teachers, administrators, assistants, and support personnel. We welcome you to visit and enjoy our campus by checking in at the main office.

    Brightwood is a Title I school, which means we receive federal funding based on the socioeconomic status of our population.

    Show your Tiger Pride! Our school mascot is the tiger, and our colors are blue and gold. Teachers and students are encouraged to wear school colors and Brightwood shirts each Friday.

What We Believe

  • Our Vision

    Brightwood is a community of 21st-century learners who value the importance of education by consistently promoting academic excellence, mutual respect, personal responsibility through self-discipline, and high expectations for all scholars


    Our Mission 

    Brightwood Elementary School will create a positive learning community where all individual academic and socio-emotional needs are met to prepare them for a purposed future by:

    • Establishing and developing positive relationships using clear coherent expectations for students, parents, staff, and community.  
    • Promoting Connection, Communication, and Collaboration
    • Developing Understanding and Regulation of Self & Other’s Needs and Emotions
    • Setting high expectations for all students by creating high active engaging learning task and critical thinking at deep levels.


    Our Motto

     "An Excellent Education Every Day for Every Child!" 


    Brightwood Creed

    The Brightwood Creed sets the tone of the day for students and creates a focus for them. It will be recited by all students each morning during the morning announcements. While the creed is recited, all movement and talking throughout the building should cease, especially in the hallways.

    As a Brightwood Tiger, I will show

    P - Personal Responsibility

    R - Respect

    I - Integrity

    D - Determination

    E - Excellence

    I will be successful!


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