Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts

    In All Areas

    • Follow directions from school staff on the first request.
    • Use positive language and inside voices.
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Keep your area clean. Put trash where it belongs.

     On the Bus

    • Get to your seat quickly
    • Stay in your seat
    • Keep your hands, feet, and other objects inside the bus

    In the Hallways

    • Have your planner signed before traveling
    • Walk quickly to the right of the hallway
    • Respect other people's space

    In the Cafeteria

    • Walk while in the cafeteria
    • Wait your turn in line
    • Get everything you need while in line
    • Use good table manners. Eat and touch only your own food.
    • Remain seated during lunch

    In the Restroom

    • Take care of school and personal property
    • Mind your own business
    • Take turns
    • Flush the toilet
    • Wash your hands

    In the Commons Areas

    • Have your planner signed before traveling
    • Remain seated in your designated area
    • Keep doorways and entrances clear

    In the Classroom or Media Center

    • Be prepared with appropriate materials
    • Honor the speaker with your full attention

    In the Locker Room

    • Keep track of your personal belongings
    • Make good use of preparation time
    • Be a team player. Encourage others

    At Special Events and during Emergencies

    • Remain calm
    • Stay with your group
    • Enter and exit safely and appropriately
    • Honor the speaker with your full attention