Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Galiotti

Dear Parents and Guardians of Northern Guilford High School:

It is with great excitement that I introduce myself to you as the newly appointed Principal.  I always struggle with what to say next because there are so many things, I think people need and want to know about me. I will try to encompass them in my musings below.

I recently celebrated by 43rd birthday.  I have 5 children and over winter break we moved our oldest to college.  In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my family, exercising, and listening/reading various podcasts and books (mostly while I walk our dog). 

I got my bachelor’s in Middle Grades Education from East Carolina University, Certification of Advanced Studies in Behavioral and Emotional Disorders from the University of Vermont, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from UNCG, and a Master’s in School Administration through the North Carolina Principals Fellow program from UNCG. 

I have worked as a wilderness youth counselor for at-risk youth (Ages 13 through 18) and a wilderness resource teacher (Grades 7th through 11th) for at-risk youth at two Eckard Youth Alternative camps. I was a middle school teacher at Swann and Northern Guilford Middle School.  Part-time elementary resource teacher at Peck elementary school.  Principal intern at TW Andrews High School.  Assistant Principal at Rockingham County Middle School and Western Guilford High School.  A Principal at the Doris Henderson Newcomers school. 

When I interview people for jobs, I always ask them this question, “What makes you want to be a teacher/work with students?”  I ask this question because it is important to hear people’s motivations and understand why they want to work with students.  Here is my response.  I am not where I am today, without my teachers/mentors believing in me and helping me see my potential.  I am forever indebted to them for the time they took to help guide/steer me in the right direction and the only way I can repaid them is by being that teacher/mentor to the people around me.  I love to watch people grow and reach their potential. 

There is a lot that goes into being a leader of a school and I know that Northern Guilford High School has a tremendous history of academic and cultural excellence, but it is my belief that together we can continue to find ways to enhance our school for each student.