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  • Fall 2019 Schedule

    Block 1 - Spanish 1

    Block 2 - Planning

    Block 3 - Spanish 1

    Block 4 - Spanish AP


    Materials Needed for Class  

    • A binder and loose-leaf paper (to keep handouts and assignments organized)
    • pencils and pens (you will need a pencil and paper every day in my class)
    • a Spanish/English dictionary (The library, used book stores and Amazon are sources for used dictionaries, but new ones in paperback form are usually under $10 and can be found in book stores, office supply stores, Walmart, Target and Amazon. Get one that is convenient to carry daily. I recommend Larousse or Miriam-Webster pocket dictionaries.)
    • colored pencils or markers (We use these often and you may need them at home to finish an assignment.)
    • *AP Spanish Only - all of the above plus:
      • a composition notebook
      • highlighters of at least 2 different colors



    Spanish 1: Peer and teacher tutoring are readily available by appointment. Please ask Sra. Duran if you need extra help.

    AP Spanish: 8 hours of tutoring per semester is required. More information will be given in class and on the class syllabus.


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