•      This is my 21st year of teaching and 7th year at NWMS.  Before coming to Northwest, I was at Penn-Griffin for 12 years.  I have taught both high school and middle school. 

         I am a parent of 2 children.  My son has a PHD in infectious disease & lives in Nashville with his wife, my beautiful granddaughter and our adorable grandson. My daughter has an art degree & completed an apprenticeship as a welder at the Newport News Shipyard – yes, she is a welder. She lives in Hampton, Va. with her husband and our new grandson. 

         My husband is also a middle school teacher. He teaches 8th grade at Kernodle. 

         I love kids!  I wanted 100, so I became a teacher.  I want every child to see their value and help them find their purpose.  I believe parents & teachers need to work together to help children succeed. After the last few challenging years, I am looking forward to a wonderful "normal" year.

         All information about the classes can be found on my class Canvas pages.

         All grading information can be found in Power School.  

Image of Melissa Craven