Oak View School Leadership Team

  • Oak View Leadership Team 


    2023-2024 Leadership Team

    Principal—Bennie Bradley

    Assistant Principal—Erin Johnson

    Pre K—Jennifer Kasek

    Kindergarten—Gina Sanchez

    1st Grade—Niki Luckey   

    2nd Grade—Stephanie Vega

    3rd Grade—Ashley Gammon

    4th Grade—Katelyn Thompson

    5th Grade—Glen Almon

    Paraprofessional—Leslie Bencini

    EC Rep—Fran Mitchell

    Specialist Rep—Ramon Martinez

    Support Rep—Susannah Fleming


    Oak View Leadership Team will meet on the following dates during the 2023-2024 academic year:

    September 6th

    October 4th

    November 1st

    December 6th 

    January 3rd 

    February 7th 

    March 6th 

    April 3rd 

    May 1st 

    June 5th 


    All leadership meetings will be held in the Oak View media center on the dates listed at 3pm.