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     My name is Mrs. Scott and  I teach English Language Arts and Social Studies for the Scott/Parker Team. This page will display periodic updates concerning what we are currently studying.


    English Language Arts (ELA)

    Currently, we are working on our literacy unit. This unit focus on the components of literary works and how to comprehend as well as display comprehension of these works. We work on skills such as text features, summarizing, and the use of evidence to prove claims. Students will also have the opportunity to create narratives and arguments, as well as working through the writing process to revise and publish them.

    Reading Steps are an important component of our program and students are required to read at least 22 steps per week from Friday-Thursday. A step consists of a 15 minute time span in which students participate in silent sustained reading. Students are provided the opportunity to acquire at least 3 steps per day in school. Reading 30 minutes (2 steps) at home is a part of their nightly homework assignment as well as reading for at least one hour on the weekend. Students log this time in their log books and it must be signed daily to receive credit. This is an important part of their daily participation grade as well as their homework grade. 


    Social Studies

    This quarter we will be working on the foundation and exploration of the United States. With this the students will discover historical facts about the United States and gain an understanding of our diverse nature.





Mrs. Scott
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