JES Library Mission

  • To provide an environment which ensures opportunities for students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information and support instruction in order to prepare children for college and careers.


    • The library is open every morning from 7:05 until 7:30 for open check out.  
    • Kindergarten - 5th grade students visit the media center every other week for a library lesson with Mrs. Austin.  Students are allowed to check out books during this time.
    • Teachers also have the option to set up a time to bring their classes to the library just to check out books as their schedules allow.


Book Care Tips

  • Help take care of our books by...

    • Keeping the books clean - wash your hands before you read.
    • Using a bookmark - do not fold down the corners.
    • Keeping your book in a safe place - do not leave it somewhere.
    • Not drawing on pages - no coloring please!