• Kernodle Middle 2019-2020 Dress Code


    Students will be expected to keep themselves well-groomed and neatly dressed at all times.  Any form of dress or appearance which is considered destructive and detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school, or any dress which might, in any way prove embarrassing to the student, will not be permitted.  This includes but is not limited to clothing that has pro-violent, hate, race, or offensive words/graphics.  The following items of clothing have been determined to be unacceptable school wear unless worn in conjunction with a shirt (that covers the front and the back) and that must extend down to the student’s longest fingertip when arms are relaxed at side: Spandex, (which include yoga pants) lycra, leotards, leggings, tights, and knit pants.  Shorts, tank tops/muscle shirts, mesh or see-through clothing, halters or midriffs, tops that expose cleavage or shows undergarments are not permitted, no 1 shoulder or off the shoulder shirts, hats (male or female), bandanas (male or female), hanging chains, sagging pants, chokers or wristbands (which could be considered dangerous), sunglasses, short shorts, short skirts, short dresses and track shorts with the split on the side, running shorts, shoes with rollers on the bottom as well as other items deemed inappropriate attire by school administrators.  Skirts and shorts must extend down to the student’s longest fingertip when arms are relaxed at side. Leggings do not allow for shorter skirts or shorts.  NO pajamas, bedroom shoes or night clothing attire should be worn to school.  Profanity, suggestive slogans, and/or references to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products on clothing are prohibited. Jeans with holes or rips (above the knee) are allowed but cannot show skin at any time which means when the student is standing, sitting or walking.  Nor should undergarments be visible at any time with the holes, rips, or tears.  Undergarments should not be visible at any time.  Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be required to immediately change to P.E. or any other appropriate clothing and will be allowed to call home for appropriate clothing if they would like.  Students with repeated dress code violations will receive disciplinary action.