Superintendent Contreras and Board Member Allen Duncan

Facility Rental and Shared Use Agreements

  • Welcome to the Guilford County Schools Facility Use and Shared Use portal. 

    Facility use allows community organizations to make short- or long-term use of indoor and outdoor school facilities at the hourly rates defined in the Fee Schedule. Shared use allows community organizations to make long-term use of outdoor school facilities in exchange for improving and maintaining those facilities. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our facility use staff at (336) 370-2386.

    Facility Use Agreement

    It is the intent of the Guilford County Board of Education to make school facilities available for public use to the greatest extent possible without infringing on their primary purpose - the education of children. Where assessed, fees are not intended to profit the District, but rather to defray the additional costs of public use, which should not rightly be borne by the taxpayer at large. 

    Use of school facilities by community and other authorized groups shall not constitute an endorsement by the District of any organization or group.  Officially sanctioned, school related activities will be given priority in the scheduling of facility use. All other scheduling of facility use will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

    The District reserves the right to assess facility use fees, to refuse approval, or to cancel approved use of a school facility. Use of facilities will be denied if an organization intends to use the facilities to engage in conduct that is contrary to federal, state, or local law.

    When school facilities are rented by a community organization, a District employee must be present at all times. Keys to school facilities will not be issued to community organizations. Buildings must be opened, attended, and closed by an authorized employee of the District. The cost of any overtime will be assessed to the organization using the facility.

    Shared Use Agreement

    Shared Use Agreements allow community organizations to make long-term use of an outdoor school facility in exchange for maintaining and improving that facility. The Guilford County School District may enter into Shared Use Agreements with community organizations when the Agreement will be beneficial to the District's students. The District will negotiate Shared Use Agreements on an individual basis. Shared Use Agreements will be developed at the District level by the Superintendent or his designee, with Board of Education approval. 

    The school site principal is not authorized to negotiate at the school level for use of the property; all requests for Shared Use Agreements should be referred to the Department of Maintenance, Shared Use Section. Since the school site principal is frequently responsible for or impacted by a Shared Use Agreement, his or her input will be sought during the initial stages of development. 

    Policy and Procedure 

    Use of School Facilities: KG .KPFacility Use Application (Form AS-1)