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Energy WISE

  • Mission Statement

    Guilford County Schools is dedicated to energy efficiency and conservation. We believe that energy efficiency and conservation are important to:

    • Protect our environment
    • Preserve our natural resources
    • Reduce our carbon footprint
    • Encourage responsible spending of our community’s tax dollars

    We also believe that every unnecessary dollar spent on energy bills shifts resources away from our core mission of education.

    Energy WISE

    Energy WISE is a student led program designed to educate building occupants and the community about energy efficiency.

    Each participating school forms an Energy WISE team and submits an Energy WISE notebook at the end of the year. The Energy WISE Program Manual provides the framework and “how to” of the program. The level of success is up to each team and its level of involvement.

    Energy WISE teams also have an opportunity to apply to the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project.  Winning schools are invited to Washington D.C. to accept their award during the summer.  

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