• Mr. Wiener

    6th Grade Science Syllabus




                The sixth grade Science curriculum is designed to both support and extend students’ previous studies.  Sixth grade, science students will begin unifying concepts of Science, the strands, conceptual goals and objectives.


    General Class Procedures


    Beginning of Class:

    1. Enter the room silently.
    2. Pencils should be sharpened, if necessary, on the way into class. Sharpener is on table on the right of class.
    3. Sit in your assigned seat.
    4. Look at the warm up and answer the question on the proper sheet.
    5. Have your binder open, textbook, and pen or pencil out on your desk.
    6. Follow the “Bell-ringer” directions on the board and begin work silently.



    1. Please arrive promptly to class to avoid being marked tardy.
    2. Students will be working on bell-ringer activities quietly during attendance.
    3. You must sit in your assigned seat to avoid being marked absent.


    Absent Students:

    1. Copy all missed notes & activities from another student’s binder, look in extra papers shelf for any missed work or ask Mr. Wiener what needs to be made up.
    2. You have 3 school days to make up absent work, then it will be marked a zero.
    3. .Come early to school if you need help catching up.  Mr. Wiener is at school every day by 7:30 AM.  You will need a pass from me, obtained the previous day, to enter the building early.


    Tardy Students:

    1. School tardy policies enforced at all times.


    Leaving the Room:

    1. Mr. Wiener will assign passes as needed for whatever reason. Please ask for permission.


    Use & Respect of Materials & Equipment:

    1. These materials and equipment are to only be used or operated at specific times designated by your teacher.
    2. Materials and equipment are respected by leaving them in the exact same condition you found them in.


    Ending Class:

    1. Students are expected to work quietly until the end of class.
    2. When it is time, Mr. Wiener will end class, not the bell or clock.
    3. Before leaving the room students will clean up their work area, straighten desk and chair and take any trash to the trash can.


    Attention during teacher or student presentation:

    1. Rules of politeness apply during all presentations, including your teacher’s.
    2. Give the speaker your full attention by quietly looking at him or her and listening carefully.
    3. During student presentations, wait until the end to ask questions.


    Student participation:

    1. Attention must always be on the current activity.
    2. Thoughtful answers are required when responding to a question.  “I don’t know” is unacceptable.



    1. You will work by yourself unless otherwise instructed.
    2. Your work is to be completed quietly and without talking.
    3.  For group seatwork the 1-foot talking rule applies.
    4. Every assignment should contain a proper heading (your teacher will demonstrate).



    1. Get permission to talk by raising your hand and waiting to be called on.  Otherwise, talking is not permitted.
    2. Use the 1 foot rule when in groups.
      1. One foot rule: your voice should not be heard by anyone over one foot away from you.


    Questions & getting help:

    1. Raise your hand and quietly wait for assistance.  Your patience is appreciated.


    Getting out of your seat:

    1. Students must get permission to get out of their seat by raising their hand.
    2. Trash should be taken to the trash can only when students are dismissed at the end of class.


    If you finish your work early you will choose one or more activities below:

    1. Quietly take out a book and read
    2. Review the current chapter in your textbook.
    3. Quietly review, finish, or correct assignments in your binder.
    4. Computer time (subject related)
    5. With teacher permission, help other students having difficulty with the assignment.


    Late Work

    1. It is expected that all work be completed ON TIME during class.
    2. If absent, please write “ABSENT” at the top of your assignment.  Assignments must be turned in within three days of your return to class unless other arrangements are made with Mr. Wiener
    3. If your work is late and you were not absent, you must make arrangements with Mr. Wiener for you to receive credit.


    Getting ready to walk in the hallways:

    1. First, we quickly gather in a straight line without talking.  This should take no more then 20 seconds.  Time over 20 seconds will be added to the weekly class time.
    2. Second, we proceed out the door, hands to ourselves without talking.


    Walking in the hallways:

    1. We walk in the hallways completely quiet.
    2. Your hands will be to yourself at all
    3. The line will remain straight.
    4. You will be one arm length (elbow to fingertip) from the person in front of you at all times.
    5. For classes that go to lunch:
      1. We will walk to lunch the same way we walk to any other destination during regular class time.
      2. As soon as we get into the lunch room you will proceed directly to the lunch line or a seat.
      3. In the cafeteria 1-foot talking rule applies.
      4. Wandering the lunch room is not permitted.


    PA announcements & other interruptions:

    1. I will use the quiet signal to get your attention for PA announcements or other disruptions.
    2. Always remain quiet and respectful during any interruption or disturbance in the room.


    Grading (subject to change)

    Tests and Projects 10 times

    Quizzes  5 times

    Homework and Classwork 1 time


    Organization/Preparation - At least once each nine weeks, students will be graded on the completeness and organization of their binder notebooks and will be graded as a notebook quiz.


    Classroom Expectations

    * Listen to directions given by teacher.  * Begin to work on the assignment immediately.

    * Come in with all materials necessary.                   3286* Limit distracting behaviors.

    * Raise hand to be recognized before speaking.      * Be prompt to class.


    Consequences:  Failure to follow the classroom rules will result in the creation of a student discipline log; 1st offense- warning, 2nd offense- conference with teacher & loss of privileges, 3rd offense- time out and parent contact, and more than 3 offenses- office referral or other.

    **Important** Science is blocked into 4.5 week periods.  Meaning, students will only have Science for half of the nine-week grading period.  Therefore, the quarter ends for them quickly in science, so keeping up with grades is very important.

    Parent-Teacher Contact:  Please be sure to check student agendas nightly for assignments, positive comments or concerns, and upcoming events, as to help stay informed about your child’s progress and opportunities.  If at any time you have a question or concern, please feel free to email me at wienerg@gcsnc.com

    Sample Curriculum Guide





    1st Grading Period

         (9 weeks)


    4.5 weeks





    Scientific method, matter, Chemical and Physical changes and Energy.


    2nd Grading Period

         (9 weeks)


    4.5 weeks






    Solar system, Energy, energy transfer, waves, sound, light

    3rd Grading Period

         (9 weeks)


    4th Grading period

    4.5 weeks



    4.5 weeks


    Earthquakes and volcanoes, Rocks and Minerals


    population dynamics,