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    Purpose and Impact: To advocate for the best interest of a student who is a ward of the state, in the place of a parent, in all matters relating to special education. This unique volunteer role does not involve working directly with students, but rather as a member of the student's special education team.

    Specific Responsibilities:

    • Volunteers act on behalf of the student they are appointed to with all of the rights and authority of a parent in matters of special education.

    • Meet with the student at the school.

    • Review all school records and receive progress reports.

    • Sign evaluation consent forms.

    • Attend education-related meetings for the student and be involved in the planning and discussions regarding their special education needs.

    • Approve an Individualized Education Program for their student.

    • Monitor the student's services, progress, and educational placement.

    • Respect the confidentiality of all records and information related to the student.


    Qualifications: The most important qualification is an interest in helping students who require special education services.

    Volunteers must:

    • Be at least 18 years of age.

    • Be willing attend an orientation training.

    • Submit an application and complete the GCS volunteer registration at https://www.gcsvolunteers.com/login.php

    • Not be an employee of Guilford County Schools, NC DPI or the Department of Social Services.


    Time Commitment and Duration: Stability and continuity are critical for the students we serve. Volunteers are requested to make a one-year commitment to their student.



    • Be an integral member of your student's IEP team.

    • Play a key role in the academic success and educational growth for students.

    • Receive ongoing training, technical assistance, and support from the EC Parent Liaison and other Special Education Surrogate Parents.

    • Utilize your resource materials from the orientation training

    • Make a Difference!