Information For School Staff

Deadlines for your Seniors

  • Update: As of August 2021, Guilford County Schools will no longer require seniors to turn in a graduation application for their service-learning diploma. 


    Due Dates for Seniors are as follows: 

    3rd Wednesday in March (3/15/23)FINAL submission for all Service-Learning Approval Forms

    1st Wednesday after Spring Break (4/19/23)FINAL submission for all service-learning hours and Teacher Documentation Forms for seniors into x2VOL.

Technology and Support

  • x2VOL

    If you are having any issues with x2VOL (cannot locate hours, missing student information, etc.) please contact Nicki Rodriguez at 

    Service-Learning Approval Form

    Please check your X2VOL dashboard and your schools service-learning CANVAS page to submit a service-learning approval form. 

    Graduation Supplies and Contracts

    If you have any questions around contracts and graduation supplies please contact your school-based service-learning coach.