Information For School Staff

Deadlines for your Seniors

  • Update: As of August 2021, Guilford County Schools will no longer require seniors to turn in a graduation application for their service-learning diploma. 


    Due Dates for Seniors are as follows: 

    3rd Wednesday in March (3/15/23)FINAL submission for all Service-Learning Approval Forms

    1st Wednesday after Spring Break (4/19/23)FINAL submission for all service-learning hours and Teacher Documentation Forms for seniors into x2VOL.

Technology and Support

  • x2VOL

    If you are having any issues with x2VOL (cannot locate hours, missing student information, etc.) please contact Nicki Rodriguez at 

    Service-Learning Approval Form

    If you are having any issues with the service-learning approval form (not getting the emails, lost student data, etc.) please contact Richard Sumner in technology at 

    Graduation Supplies and Contracts

    If you have any questions around contracts and graduation supplies please contact student services. The student services website can be found here.