• The Communications Division uses a mix of tools to tell the district’s stories. 

    Internal Relations -

    • Provides regular updates to employees through electronic publications
    • Coordinates recognition and appreciation for employees, including the Employee of the Month program, special events, and board recognitions
    • Works with administrative staff to communicate major district updates and announcements to employees first

    Media Relations -

    • Serves as the district’s liaison to all local and national media
    • Communicates district news and events to media and plans regular media opportunities for reporters
    • Proactively and strategically seeks media exposure for district initiatives
    • Writes talking points and other communication materials for staff members and Board of Education
    • Coordinates crisis communication

    Communications -

    • Ensures consistency of GCS brand on all district-level communications including print, broadcast and online
    • Writes and produces key district publications such as the annual report and marketing materials 
    • Acts as a consultant for other departments as they produce publications
    • Approves communications and documents for district-wide dissemination
    • Advises on the content and design of the district website, ensuring accuracy and consistency with GCS brand
    • Seeks new ways of disseminating GCS information via the Web and other technologies
    • Connects the community with schools to align resources through partnerships and cultivates engagement through voluntarism

    Event Planning -

    • Supports the planning of major district events, including Celebration of Excellence, Retirement Reception, Grasshopper games and more

    Broadcast Production/GCSTV -

    • Manages and programs the district's cable access channel
    • Produces broadcast news stories for GCSTV
    • Directs live Board of Education meetings for GCSTV
    • Creates multimedia productions for events