Professional Learning Policies

    1. Participants must register for approved GCS/site-based courses within the Performance Matters-Professional Learning platform in order to receive credit.
    2. Credit is granted based on course completion as specified in course description or guidelines as specified by facilitator/sponsoring department;
    3. Participants who miss more than 10% of any workshop could be denied credit for course completion.
    4. Substitutes, tutors, retired personnel, and all other non-GCS employees may register for courses if space is available, but available seats will be given to full-time GCS employees first. In order to access the platform, non-GCS employees will need to create a guest account. Instructions for this can be found in the left-hand menu of this page under “Non-GCS Employees.” Keep in mind that some courses are designed specifically for GCS personnel; therefore, they are not open to non-GCS employees.
    5. If you are unable to attend a course, please contact the facilitator of the course BEFORE the training occurs in order to be removed from the roster.
    6. CEU Credit for National Board Certification is handled through the Staffing Department of the GCS Human Resources division. CLICK HERE  for more information.
    7. FAQ about National Board Certification can be found HERE.
    8. Earning CEUs is a professional responsibility.  It is not appropriate for children to attend workshops. In addition, children cannot be left unattended in adjacent rooms while parents attend workshops.