• How Much Time Will Your Child Spend on State Required Assessments?

    There aren't a lot of kids (or parents) who love testing. However, good assessments are a way for our teachers and staff to measure how well students understand the material, where they are in their skills, and where they need to be.

    But there are more required tests today than in decades past, and with increased accountability, many parents often ask, "Just how much time does my child spend on testing?" 

    We have the answer. The Assessment Coordination Department created these documents to provide parents with an estimation of the time students will spend on required state tests during a semester or year.

    If you have questions about your child's test schedule, talk to his/her teacher or principal.


    The ACT® Assessments

    Testing at the Elementary School Level

    Testing at the Middle School Level

    Testing at the High School Level (End-of-Course Assessments)

    Time on Testing Alternate Assessments