Course Descriptions

  • Course Hours

    Lateral Entry Orientation                                      80
    Foundations of Teaching for Learning                 50
    Explorations of Teaching for Learning                 50
    GCS-ACT Spring Institute                                    20
    Applications of Teaching for Learning                   150
    Monthly Face to Face Coaching                          30
    On Demand Coaching- varies                              12 Months

    Total Contact Hours                                              380


    Course Descriptions 

    Lateral Entry Orientation 
    Designed for newly-hired Guilford County School lateral entry teachers, this 80-hour orientation will focus on the basic information needed to encourage a successful beginning to the first year of teaching.  Topics include learning expectations, curricular principles and planning, policies and procedures, and the teacher evaluation system.

    Foundations of Teaching for Learning 
    This course is designed for Lateral Entry teachers in the Guilford County Schools Alternative Certification Track.  Teachers are introduced to research based skills and strategies that enhance classroom management, instructional design and delivery, and student engagement.  These lessons are taught and modeled by master teachers.  Participants are required to effectively implement the learned strategies to maximize student learning in classroom experiences.

    Explorations of Teaching for Learning 
    These strategically crafted exploratory tasks provide participants a range of options aimed to develop reflective practitioners.  Choice based assignments offer flexibility and require teachers to create artifacts that demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of the school and district communities they serve.

    GCS-ACT Leadership Retreat
    This mid-year event consists of essential workshops anchored in best practices.  All workshops are presented by former graduates of the GCS-ACT program to support the growth and development of current participants.  Teachers learn innovative approaches to classroom management and engagement strategies from their more experienced peers.

    Applications of Teaching for Learning
    Teachers learn to merge effective teaching strategies and skills with impactful instructional design.  Using a backwards design model, teachers will craft standards-based assessments that support mastery learning.  Participants learn to disaggregate and utilize data to inform their instructional practice.   Teachers will design units of study that reflect relevance, rigor, and differentiation techniques that are responsive to the divers needs of all learners.  These units will fully immerse students in more enriched reading, writing, and speaking intensive coursework.