Information for Applying to High School Options

  • Where do I go to get information about my magnet/choice options?

    During the application window – January 14 - February 21, 2022 – there are many opportunities to learn more about our choice schools and programs:

    • Magnet/Choice Showcase - February 2nd or February 1 - February 4, 2022 (Based on current Local/State health guidance due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

    Do families pay tuition to attend high school option programs?
    No. There is no tuition for students whose parents live in Guilford County. Occasional costs that may occur during the year would be similar to those in any other school.

    Applications from students whose domicile is outside Guilford County will not be considered.

    How do I access the online magnet/choice application?

    The link to the online magnet/choice application will be available and posted on the GCS website main page, on the Magnet/Choice Schools page, and shared through multiple social media outlets. Click here to access the online application.

    Step One:

    Clicking on this link will take you to a Welcome Page where you will be asked to create a family account. Each family should create ONE family account for all of the children in the household. Families will be required to provide a cell phone number or email address as part of the application process. Families may select an alternate language to complete the process.  Only parents or legal guardians are allowed to complete applications for students.

    Step Two:

    Complete a separate application for each child who is applying for a magnet/choice program. A list of available schools based on your attendance zone will appear. Select the schools that you wish to apply to and list them in order of preference. Read the Magnet/Choice Schools procedures carefully before completing the requested information. Once you submit the application, you may not make any further changes so fill in each area carefully.

    What information will I need to have available as I am completing the application?

    • Mobile/cell phone number and/or email address
    • Home address
    • GCS Student ID number (same as student’s lunch number)
    • PowerSchool Student ID number if student is currently enrolled in a charter school
    • Current school name
    • School assignment by attendance zone for next school year (use the School Assignment Locator if unsure)
    • For some schools:
      • Recommendations from teachers – you will need the name and email address for each teacher
      • Parent/guardian education level and household income
    • Students not currently enrolled in GCS may be asked to provide additional documentation.

    Where there are duplicate programs, for instance, middle college, IB, JROTC, or Arts can I apply for any school?
    For IB, the high school attendance zone in which you live determines the IB program for which you are eligible to apply. 

    For Weaver and Penn-Griffin Arts, the middle school attendance zone in which you live determines the high school arts program for which you are eligible to apply. 

    For middle and early colleges, students from any attendance zone who meet proper age, grade or gender criteria can apply for any middle or early college program.

             Click here to view the duplicate high school arts feeder patterns.

             Click here to view the duplicate IB feeder patterns.

             Click here to view the duplicate JROTC feeder patterns.

    How many schools can I apply to?

    Each student may apply to five high school options from their list of available choices. You will be asked to rank order the schools by preference. This rank order will not impact your chances of receiving an offer from each school. However, the rank order will impact whether or not you remain on a waiting list once you receive responses from each school. If you accept an offer, you will remain on the waitlist for any school ranked higher than the school where you accepted the offer, but you will be removed from the waitlist for any school ranked lower.

    Once you have completed the application and clicked submit, modifications to the application will no longer be accepted.

    The application deadline is 5 pm on February 21, 2022. Any applications submitted after that date/time will be classified as late applications and will not be considered in the initial selection process.

    Students may be invited by some schools for an interview, audition, or additional assessments after the application deadline. Not all schools conduct interviews or auditions.

    Is Transportation provided for High School Options?
    GCS will make a reasonable effort to provide transportation for high school option students who are county residents and within proper feeder zones. 

    If accepted into a High School Option program, is a student eligible to participate in athletics?
    Students accepted into High School Option programs that have athletics are eligible for participation at that school.  Students accepted into High School Option programs without athletic programs are eligible to participate in athletics at their attendance school only.

    When will I know if my child has been offered a magnet/choice seat?

    Families will receive notification of High School magnet/choice seat offers by April 8, 2022. Notifications will be communicated by email or text according to the notification method selected when families set up their account. Families must accept or decline offers by April 22, 2022.

    Once a family has accepted an offer from a magnet/choice school, they will receive a link to request transportation and information from the school to complete the enrollment and registration process.

     Who do I contact if I need help?

    For technical assistance, contact

    For questions about specific school programs, contact the school directly.

    For general questions about magnet/choice programs or the application process, contact the Magnet/Choice Office at (336-370-3293).

    For questions about feeder patterns, contact the Student Assignment Office at 336-370-8303.