• Request for Reassignment

    The 2022-23 Request for Reassignment window is open from May 1st - July 1st, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

    Reassignment requests must be submitted through Schoolmint, our online registration platform during the reassignment window. 

    Students will not be reassigned to schools that are identified as already exceeding core facility capacity or where appropriate class size will be jeopardized. Applications to these schools will likely be denied.
    The schools below fall into this category. Specific grade levels at other schools may also fall into this category.
    Elementary Schools:
    -Gibsonville Elementary
    -Hunter Elementary
    -Appropriate class size may be jeopardized for various grade levels at elementary schools. Applications submitted to these grade levels will likely be denied/cancelled.
    Middle Schools:
    -Northwest Middle
    High Schools:
    -Eastern High
    -Grimsley High
    -High Point Central
    -Northeast High
    -Northern High
    -Northwest High
    -Page High
    -Southern High
    -Southwest High

    If your student is currently attending school on an approved reassignment, the reassignment remains active until the student reaches his/her final grade at the assigned school (5th, 8th, & 12th). You DO NOT have to submit a new reassignment request for your student to remain at their current school for the 2022-23 school year.

    Video: How to Submit a Reassignment Request

    Transfer Guidelines

    • Requests for transfers are reviewed and appropriate decisions made based on reason(s) for request and space availability in requested school.
    • Requests for Reassignment should be made between May 1st and July 1st.
    • No more than one reassignment request per student will be granted each year.
    • An approved reassignment is applicable through the student's highest grade level at the school.
    • Transportation is not provided to reassigned schools.
    • Further details on student reassignment can be found in Board of Education Policy 4150- School Assignment
    • If you need to request a school reassignment due to a medical emergency or extreme safety risk, please contact the Student Assignment office at 336-370-8303. Medical or safety documentation may be requested. 

    Reassignment Appeal

    If the reassignment request is received between May 1-July 1 and is denied, the applicant may request an appeal to a Board of Education panel using the link in their denial message. This request must be received within five (5) days after receiving notice of the denial.

    After submitting a request for an appeal hearing:

    • The parent(s) or court-appointed guardian/custodian will receive notification from the GCS Hearing Officer of the day and time of the hearing.
    • At the hearing, the panel shall consider the applicant's written documentation as previously provided and the applicant will be given ten (10) minutes to provide oral presentation to the panel citing why the initial decision to deny the request was in error.
    • The Board of Education panel, at its discretion, may consider additional documentation regarding the request for reassignment.
    • Five (5) minutes will be allotted for the panel to pose questions.
    • The panel's decision will be forwarded to the full Board and the applicant will be advised of the Board's decision. Persons wishing to appeal their assignment requests to the Board shall be granted the opportunity to appeal each decision one (1) time during the school year.