• Hello Everyone and welcome to Bennettopia. I'm delighted you are in my class.

    Need to reach me? I'm glad to hear from you and help in any way.

    My email: bennetp@gcsnc.com

    My number: 336-907-2410

    Here's my schedule:

    1- Civics and Economics

    2- Planning

    3- Civics and Economics

    4- Civics and Economics

    5- Civics and Economics

    6- AP Microeconomics


    Links to my CANVAS PAGE:

    Honors Civics and Economics: https://gcs.instructure.com/courses/172943

    Regular Civics and Economics: https://gcs.instructure.com/courses/172940

    AP Microeconomics: https://gcs.instructure.com/courses/170311


    Looking forward to a GREAT year!


    Mr. Bennett









Mr Bennett