• Alicia Adcock


    Tutoring hours: M-F 8:15-8:45 



    Class Schedule: 

    1st Period: Earth/Environmental

    2nd Period: Earth/Environmental

    3rd: Planning

    4th: Chemistry

    5th: Earth/Environmental

    6th: Earth/Environmental



    Classroom Policies and Expectations

    1. 1.   BE PREPARED for class - have your composition notebook (the kind in which the pages cannot be ripped out) and a pen or pencil every day. Keep all of your work in the composition notebook. Do NOT throw anything out! Be prepared to have FUN!!
    2.   BE RESPECTFUL - raise your hand when asking a question, and talk in a low voice to your partners only during labs and activities. Be respectful by listening quietly while others speak; be respectful of other’s property.
    3.   BE ON TIME - be in your assigned seat, quiet and ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings. Class will usually start by working on the bell ringer/warm-up. Make sure you write the question(s) and answers in the correct section in your notebook. We will follow the school wide tardy policy.
    4. BE POSITIVE - Ask questions if you are unsure of a topic, and come to tutoring! I am here to help!
    5. Always abide by the safety rules - know the location of the eyewash, fire extinguisher and the MSDS safety precautions for the chemicals we may be using that day. If you have a question about a procedure, ask.
    6. Take care of personal needs before coming to class - This includes going to the restroom, lockers, water fountain, sharpening pencils and applying makeup. 4 BATHROOM PASSES PER QUARTER (EXTRA CREDIT IF NOT USED)
    7. Hats, food, drinks and candy are not allowed in class (except for water)
    8.  Wait for the bell - do not pack up until the bell rings, unless otherwise instructed. Students are not to be out of their seats without permission.
    9. Cell phone policy- There are NO cell phones aloud in class at any time. Cell phones will be turned in when you walk in the door and taken back when you leave. If a student is caught with their cell phone, I will take it and the student may come after school to pick it up.
    10. We will follow the Guilford County attendance policy and Code of Conduct It is your responsibility to ask, complete and turn in all make up work or take any missed quizzes or tests if you are absent. When you return from an absence, ask your partner for the bell ringers you missed and complete them immediately.