•  Mrs. Jennifer Doner                                                                                           

    Extra Help: any morning, afternoon by appointment

    Room:  #101                                                                                                       

    Test days:   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday                                        

    Phone:  605-3300                                                                                      

    Planning:   5th Period 

    Email:  donerj@gcsnc.com                                                


    Power School Parent/Student Access:

    Please use Power School to keep track of your grades and missing assignments.  Progress reports are no longer handed out to students, so it is very important that you use this program in order to track your academic progress. 


    Absences/Make-up Work:

    When you miss class, it is your responsibility to make-up your work within three days of the absence.  Failure to make-up work or turn in work after an excused absence (within three days of return) will result in a zero.  You need to discuss missed work with me before or after school or class.  Please use the blue box located near the door to locate your missing work.  I will not remind you!  It is your responsibility!



    All assignments are due on the specified date.  I do not accept late work!  Printer failure or disk trouble is no excuse!


    Class Expectations:

        The rules are simple:

    1.  You must be in your assigned seat when the bell rings or you will be considered tardy.
    2. You must also have paper and a writing utensil when the bell rings or you will considered tardy.
    3. When I am talking, you are not. When a fellow student is talking, you are not. 
    4. If you need to use the bathroom, ask at an appropriate time.   School rules dictate that no student shall leave during the first or last five minutes of class.
    5. Please throw all trash in the trashcan and recycle all plastic bottles and excess paper. 
    6. Do not throw anything across the room in an attempt to hit the trashcan. 


    Literature Disclaimer:

    “Literary texts studied in the high school classroom are complex, higher-level texts which may contain mature content and themes. ‘Mature content’ may include, but is not limited to pervasive strong language, disturbing violence and behavior, sexual acts, drug/alcohol use or references, controversial content, or culturally diverse themes. These books are selected based on their literary merit and will be studied through their historical and cultural context. Our instructional purpose is to expose students to perspectives unlike or in opposition to their own in order to analyze complex themes and to promote individual reflection and academic growth.”