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    Fast Facts About Mrs. Huynh-Duc

    2019-20 Teaching Schedule:

    Zero Period........ Newspaper Journalism
    1st Period ..........Planning
    2nd Period .........AP English Language and Composition
    3rd Period ..........AP English Language and Composition
    4th Period ..........9th grade Honors English 
    5th Period ..........AP English Language and Composition

    Tutoring Schedule: By Appointment

    To contact Mrs. Huynh-Duc directly, please email huynhdm@gcsnc.com.

     Please remember that Guilford County Schools’ policy for mature content in texts studied in the English classroom is as follows:

     "Literary texts studied in the high school classroom are complex, higher-level texts which may contain mature content and themes. ‘Mature content’ may include, but is not limited to, pervasive strong language, disturbing violence and behavior, sexual acts, drug/alcohol use or references, controversial content, or culturally diverse themes. These books are selected based on their literary merit and will be studied through their historical and cultural context. Our instructional purpose is to expose students to perspectives unlike or in opposition to their own in order to analyze complex themes and to promote individual reflection and academic growth.”