FAQ: My child only has 3 or 4 grades this quarter. Why?

    This class is a project-based class. Many of the projects we work on in this class require a significant amount of time to complete. This means that the grades earned in this class are focused on quality and not quantity. 

    Why does it take you so long to make a lamp?

    A typical animated film (60-90 minutes) requires months to model and render. Films are completed with large teams working together made up of people who already know how to model, rig, and animate. As I tell my students in class, "Patience, Young Jedi."

  • LAB CONTRACT 2020-2021 

    (Students will receive a copy of this at the beginning of the year. It will need to be reviewed, signed, and returned.)

    1. Students will only work with their assigned equipment.

    2. Students will log on only in their personal files.

    3. Students will report evidence of vandalism immediately so that the student is not held responsible for the damage.

    4. Students may NOT install any software.

    5. Students may NOT connect any peripheral equipment to computers unless authorized by the teacher.

    6. Students will participate in maintenance and cleanup of the lab as directed by the teacher.

    7. Students will not switch keys on keyboards or put foreign objects in the drives.

    8. Students will not damage or write on computers.

    9. Students will print ONLY as directed in order to conserve paper and ink.

    10. Students will only use school computers as directed for assignments and projects while only visiting school-appropriate websites.