• SCHEDULE 22-23: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 6th = Anatomy; 5th = Astronomy; 4th = planning
    • CHECK OUT MY WELCOME VIDEO (right-click and DL it, otherwise all you'll get is audio)...FROM 20-21!  ;-)  It's old but I'm leaving it up since it gives a good sense of how I run things, even though there are clearly some references to "COVID time" that are no longer applicable. VIDEO LINK   /   EXPLANATION LINK  - (Again, DL & save the video to view it with your movie viewer; just clicking the link plays audio only. And do check out that explanation link! It clarifies a lot of stuff in the video. And by the way, my plan was for the clip to be 5 minutes long, but as has been the story of my life as a teacher, you get me going talking about something and I almost literally can't shut up. So, 11+ minutes, but it SHOULD at least be watchable.)
    • ASSIGNMENT INFO and DUE DATES, ETC, WILL APPEAR ON THE CANVAS CALENDAR. For CHESS CLUB INFORMATION, heavy-duty mythbusting, and general science awesomeness, go here: http://russillo.weebly.com/ (I have not one but two eclipse web pages, to give you an idea of the breadth & depth of my nerd-dork-geekitude.)
    • Grades, for me, are ONLY posted on PowerSchool. I do NOT post grades on Canvas.
    • SYLLABUS/EXPECTATIONS: You can use the above Weebly links to DL this year's Expectations/Syllabus sheets.
    • CONTACTrussils@gcsnc.com  email is best for me but if you prefer to call, there's G Voice: (336) 289-9273
    • TUTORING: Tutoring is largely built around WIN this year, but you can ALWAYS email me and set up a 1-on-1 session for before or after school.
Mr Russillo